CS 1.6 V48

Counter Strike 1.6 V48

CS 1.6 V48 is the latest version of Counter Strike 1.6 download. This patch has included all security priorities, like slowhack protection, but there are no cheat protection. CS 1.6 V48 download package size was optimized to very small size - only 170mb, but all game graphics and settings still are the same. This patch has bots integrate which are smarter than default bots and called Zbots. Counter Strike 1.6 V48 was released in 2008 to reduce non-steam players quantity, but soon CS 1.6 V48 patch was moded and leaked to internet as CS 1.6 V48 download latest version. This patch still has the best optimization and quality of all Counter Strike 1.6 download clients. To download CS 1.6 v48 from our site you need to pick one from two mirrors, that are given below this post and wait till download be over. Install it and enjoy your free cs 1.6 v48 download!

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