CS 1.6 tpb down

Counter Strike 1.6 TPB

ThePirateBay bundle (torrent) is alternative way to download CS 1.6 usings torrents. The best option if you have interrupting network connections or slow internet is to get the .torrent file. This kind format files are opened with a special peers-to-peers program or in short sharing system. We offer you to use uTorrent software. Click on the link, install this app, get CS 1.6 torrent file (download link shared below) and get your game.
About download:
- English language
- Protected from slowhack
- Supports P47 and P48 connection protocols (steam and non-steam servers)
- Portable version (can be copied, zipped and shared without install file)
- Bots availabe
File: Counter Strike 1.6 v48 original non steam game patch
Host: "ThePirateBay torrents", "TPB"

TPB .torrent file download for Counter Strike