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CS 1.6 Non Steam- this Counter Strike 1.6 version is original. Non steam means that the Counter Strike game is not connected with steam and your client wont get Steam features. CS 1.6 Non steam has "conquered" Counter Strike 1.6 download market. CS 1.6 Non steam download is a pirate action, and we don't tolerate that, but if you decided to download CS 1.6 non steam we support you clearest and safest version off all. Slowhack protection, high quality sprites, textures and maps, non steam servers list and much more features added in our CS 1.6 non steam install. And everytime you can decide to buy legal version of Counter Strike from STEAM (developers of CS 1.6). CS 1.6 Non steam download from our site takes a half of hour or even less, because our install takes only ~170. Click download link ant get CS 1.6 non steam now! Thank you for download Counter Strike 1.6 game from us.

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