Counter-Strike 1.5
Release date: 2002
Version: 1.5
Protocol: Non-Steam
Filesize: 283MB

Counter Strike 1.5

Counter-Strike 1.5 is a modification of Half-Life released in 2002. It was the first Counter-Strike series game, that has multiplayer mode. To compare people reviews, CS 1.5 gameplay is more interesting than CS 1.6 and has less bugs in all Counter-Strike 1.* series. Game graphics, sounds quality and textures keeps up with 1.6 version and gameplay looks cosily.

CS 1.5 Features

- Multiplayer mode.
- Singleplayer with functioning bots.
- A few original maps - nuke, dust and others.
- Different guns models.
- No install needed.
- No Steam required (non-steam).
- Old school menu, GUIs and control.
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