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Get the latest downloads, patches, updates, modifactions of Counter-Strike 1.6 - legendary game receives hundreds of releases every year.

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CS 1.6 2017

CS 1.6 2017 - the latest Counter-Strike unofficial this year release. Presents new textures, models, sounds, effects and many other small changes. CS 1.6 2017 has large maps pack and modern designed menu. Download it for free.

Counter Strike 1.6 Original

CS 1.6 original is a default and not a modified release of Counter Strike 1.6 (2000). This game characterized as open source first person shooter game platform, because nowadays there are very much different releases, modifications and builds of original CS 1.6. And really, years to years this game changed a lot. But we still saved the same, old, but good original Counter-Strike 1.6 game! So go and get it from our downloads page. Our download has a new Master-Server, that means you only need to open Find Servers tab and connect to one of a hundred of servers. If a server cannot be found please refresh the list, if list still not responding wait ~30 minutes, if still no results please contact our CSTRIKE16.NET support, we will fix this problem. You can contact always if you need help, or your CS 1.6 download does not work correctly. Over and above cs 1.6 original is suitable for cs 1.6 cheats use. This compatibility raises patch ratings and number of downloads. If you here for cheating, please check our link upper in the article.

Download CS 1.6 Original
Counter Strike 1.6 original

CS 1.6 With Bots

Counter Strike 1.6 with bots is a singleplayer feature to play without network connection against the computer. Our package includes the most popular and easy to use zbot cs 1.6 bots addon. They are smart, analyze the map fast without hours of waiting. It only takes a few seconds to start the game. Enter the command "add bot" in console and play. To add more - repeat command several times. To toggle alternative control mode (from the menu) - press H and select section "zbot". You can throw in, kill and manage bots with a single click. Download CS 1.6 with bots or merely zbots installation file by clicking button below or go to the downloads page.
How to install CS 1.6 bots? Download the full package and unpack it anywhere. Then paste all the files to "cstrike" directory and start to play Counter-Strike 1.6. If bots don't work leave a reply or contact a staff and we will help you.

Download CS 1.6 With Bots
cs 1.6 with bots

Counter-Strike 1.6 Non Steam

Counter Strike 1.6 free download is not related with Steam. That means it is the copy of the original game and does not has original features, like a play on steamed servers, add friends list or be ranked in the worldwide ranking system. But great CS 1.6 Non-Steam benefit is a large community, opportunity to modify game also for free, many mods for servers and etc. But it also has a flip-side.
Counter-Strike 1.6 Non Steam servers are insecure, can be malicious, send unwanted files to your personal computer. We provide clean and safe download, but in any case, if you want to avoid all these hazards - buy it from Steam Shop instead of downloading CS 1.6 for free. For lower price contact cstrike16.net administration via private message.

Download CS 1.6 Non Steam
CS 1.6 non steam

CS 1.6 WaRzOnE

WaRzOnE is full assembly original Countr Strike 1.6 client and has ant optimal size. Package includes with Half-Life dedicated server files set, working bots, the large number of servers in master-server. The game was published by CS WaRzOnE community in 2012 and successfully attracted a big number of player. Patch runs on Engine build 4554 and which was clean ripped from Steam game cache files is compatible for dedicated server creation.

Download CS 1.6 WaRzOnE
CS 1.6 WarZone

Counter Strike 1.6 V48

CS 1.6 V48 was the last official steam version release and it is fully ripped from game cache files - GCF. V48 includes HLDS dedicated server package without add-ons (amxmodx, metamod, dproto), suitable for creating default clan wars, classic or any other modification servers. Gameplay features were not modified, cs 1.6 version has received new original maps, interface images and better bots system. Patch is fully compatible for modding, add plugins, models, maps and edit configurations. Download Counter-Strike 1.6 V48 is totally free and clean on our site.

Download CS 1.6 v48
CS 1.6 V48

CS 1.6 Windows for 10

Download CS 1.6 - the most playable FPS-genre game now for Windows 10 operating system. Since this OS became the main, compatibility problems were fully resolved and Valve released the update for CS on Steam compatible with all Windows machines - 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. There is no information about other changes, bug fixes or piracy protection. Counter Strike 1.6 download is still available from all unofficial sites with Non Steam clients. If you are using MAC OS X check CS 1.6 for MAC and get it for free without emulator.

Download CS 1.6 Windows 10
cs 1.6 windows 10

Counter Strike 1.5

Not everyone knows, but Counter-Strike 1.6 born not instantly. Firstly the game was developed from Half-Life engine as modificiation. Nowdays it's also defined as HL Mod, because on purpose to play CS 1.6 it is required to have Half-Life core files. CS 1.5 was ahead to CS 1.6. Ignoring the fact, that Counter-Strike 1.6 is more modern than Counter Strike 1.5 it's still one of the most downloadable CS games. CS 1.5 was released years before CS 1.6 start - June 12, 2002. This version gained mod, retail updates and server-side release. So at this point Counter Strike became multiplayer first-person-shooter and it encouraged to release CS Standalone - CS 1.6, now available on steam. There is nothing exclusive in this version, only basic maps, optimal file size and fun gameplay.

Download CS 1.5
CS 1.5

XTCS download

XTCS or also known as Counter Strike 1.6 xtreme is a CS 1.6 game modification, with new maps, textures, sounds. Modules like gore (much blood and sadistic body parts injuries) gives more colours to the game and makes it look like new. Thanks to flexible game modification possibility Counter Strike 1.6 becomes immortal. So if you are looking for something new in this shooter game, you should try to download XTCS and play it. At first look it is very simlair to CS:S, but it's the old, good CS 1.6. For more information read article about XTCS in our feed.

Download XTCS