Counter Strike 1.6 download

Counter Strike 1.6 (shorter definition CS 1.6) is so popular as non-steam download version because it's developed when a torrent file system was worldwide and purchased game version lost its value. Anyway, it's always recommended to purchase original steamed CS version than download non-steam cs 1.6.

This is original non-steam Counter-Strike 1.6. No crack or CD key required for cs 1.6 download and installation and no surveys for downloading the file. Download instantly using torrent or other peer-to-peer software, or right away using a browser. In case your internet is very slow - use CS 1.6 torrent download link, then it will be possible to pause and resume downloading when you turn off the computer. Otherwise, download cs from the browser - it will take 5-15 minutes, depending on your internet download speed. Everyone must have this game on their PCs, unless there is strict control of piracy in your country. In this experience, you should have enough money to buy Counter Strike 1.6 from steam or at least original CD. Either way, just download cs 1.6 for free and frag those bots! Also check out special Counter-Strike 1.6 MAC edit.

Note: there is no computer, that cannot run the game due to low system parameters. But here are the system requirements for Counter Strike 1.6 to run without lag, approximately with 100 FPS:
Intel Core i3, at least 1.5GHz.
Windows 7, Windows 8 or 10 operating system.
DirectX 8.1 level Graphics Card.
Also internet connection, sound card, mouse, and keyboard.

Counter Strike 1.6

Release date: 2008
Version: V48
Protocol 48 (Non-Steam)
Filesize: 211MB

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Counter-Strike 1.6 origin and gameplay

Counter-Strike 1.6 is an FPS genre (first-person-shooter) PC game developed for Windows OS platform, subsequently released for MAC OS and Linux on Steam market. A game perfectly works on all Windows versions - XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Counter-Strike developed by Valve Corporation and first defined as Half-Life mod. The first game version published in 2000 and the later game was remade to standalone CS 1.6 and published by steam. Now CS 1.6 download is free on most of the websites as a non-steam patch, which treated as a piracy.
CS 1.6 gameplay is primitive nowadays. Players assume the roles of given teams: counter-terrorists (CT) and terrorists (T). Game target depend on the side player has chosen and a type of the map. Default three Counter-Strike 1.6 map types: Plant the bomb or defuse it (de_), hostage rescue or defend them from saving (cs_) and save/assassinate the president (as_). Also, there are many of custom maps prefixes like aim, surf, gun-game, death match and others. The main target is to beat enemies team by eliminating them or get a mission done. Success depends on skills, equipment, and team organization. There are many of weapons, tricks, and other stuff, that could be helpful. Each player individually must customize their arsenal of weapons and accessories at the start of the round. Players are given a few seconds to prepare for battle - buying equipment. Purchase only available in buy zone (team spawn). Once a round has ended survivors are keeping their equipment, and who gets killed loses everything, but money. Money increases to each player at the round start considering the number of kills done. The team, which won the previous match gains more money, than loser team.