CS 1.6 Torrent

Note: CS 1.6 download using torrent may be useful if your internet connection fracturing and due to the disconnection the Counter Strike 1.6 install will not be lost. Besides, if your connection is low - you can forgot about playing multiplayer game. Otherwise, if your internet connection is good, you can use direct download - it can be even faster.

CS 1.6 features:

  • English language support.
  • Latest 48p protocol.
  • Files protected from changing.
  • Available to play without installing.
  • Default configs and original modes, maps.
  • Half-Life I included.
  • List of non steam Counter Strike 1.6 servers.
  • Bots included in singleplayer mode.

Filesize: 211MB.

Download CS 1.6 Torrent For direct download go to CS 1.6 install download.
CS 1.6 torrent

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Counter-Strike 1.6 torrent client