Counter Strike 1.6 server (list)
+Add your server NExGames.LT - CS.UCL.LT - UMBRELLA SWARM cs_assault 10/32
Unique Zombie server with NEW gun UPGRADES, LEVELS, PRESTIGES AND POWERS, 1 kill gives 750xp! New zombie classes! || Umbrella Swarm+GunXP XP Reset cs_italy 7/32
Great Swarm Zombie Mod with 23 Levels for CT Players, Parachute, Upgrade Weapons, Basebat Knife, Golden Elite/Deagle, nice special Abiliity for Zombies. CS.ANLCS.RO [18+ PRO ONLY] de_dust2 5/24
Forum: - CS 1.6 Server with respawn mod (deathmatch). Free admin, no lag, many of players. Constanta.IndunGi.Ro 2006-2016 de_dust2 31/32
best server in the word ADD TO FAVORITE !!! ADDDDDD is the best server , Admin on 24/7
Counter-strike 1.6 server , public mod , clasic , for more details visit ! de_nuke cstrike 0/14
Steam/Non Steam Counter Strike 1.6 server with classic modifcation. Romania server for all. Server is offline ----- 0/0
This is Cs 1.6 server based in Germany. We are providing you great ping and nice gameplay. *Evil's in Prison... jb_russia_v1 5/27
connect to JailBreak from Kazakhstan with love... || DeathMatch | AUTOBHOP aim_headshot 5/32
Visit For complaints and any issue regarding the server and playing here [FFA] [ASYSTY] (5:36) cs_wiocha 5/21 non - steam Counter Strike 1.6 classic modification (public) server.  •· OldSchool GamerS ·• Counter-Strike ·• de_inferno 26/32
de_dust2 de_inferno de_aztec fy_snow de_dust de_nuke_rarea de_dustyaztec de_bretonia de_alexandra de_barcelona css_aztec de_dust_sultan de_mirage cs_militia Server is offline ----- 0/0
Deathrun Server with VIPMENU, /drshop, Trail and RTD. Drshop have many things to buy with Pointsystem. [VIP]CepBa4oK =)[VIP] © Строго 18+ de_mirage 15/32
Best game server 18+, Low ping, Army ranks Ultimate, good anticheat, location Ukraine Kiev Server is offline ----- 0/0
Best server respawn + fun ,fun guns fun effects say /fun say/gun1 /gun2 /gun3 /gun4 /freeadmin de_dust2 cstrike 30/32
Parachute : On Admins 24/7 No Cheat / No Lag All Can Join Server Domain = SNGCS Зомби Мод [JetPack] zm_dust2_final 5/32
vip for ammo packs, clean server, admin with huge experience (over 8 years in cs administration) free +rope, much extras, host moscow russia LifeZM.CsBlackDevil.Com -=[Zombie OutStanding]=- zm_long_jump 7/32
SERVER: - Linux Hosted, Low Pings, 1000 FPS, Free admin, Free game, Fast Ammo, Moves perfectly, Totally custom We hope you enjoy your stay here! |F.B.I| [Zombie Revenge] || ClanFBI.ES zm_fbi_tfunion_b1 8/32
This mode is virtually unique in servers zombie plague, echo by ClanFBI in Counter-Strike 1.6, which does not have any waste. Look here and check yourself. de_westwood cstrike 14/32
CS 1.6 Install features: * Included MasterServer (LT Servers),fully working serverbrowser with favorites * Game realase, V43, Build 4554. .:: Cyber GaminG ::. de_dust2 32/32
Full 24/7 Admins 24/7 online server is protected with walhack blocker enjoy and have fun on our server ....GL & HF

Counter Strike 1.6 Servers

Counter Strike 1.6 Servers list is updating everyday. We accept all types (steam, non-steam, V42, V48, etc...) and modifications (public, zombie plague, csdm, knife, etc...) cs servers. List is very random, so each server has a small description about it - modification, country, events and other. We guarantee this list safety, Cstrike16NET administration approves only clean servers without slowhack and other harmful content.

How to add your CS servers to the list?

This servers list is unique and anyone can add a server. But we only accept clean servers with positive feed. If you meet the critera please register server to our list. Fulfill the information correctly and administration will receive your submission. If server is good - it will be confirmed and added to the list. It is important to write nice description about your server, and do not spam! CS 1.6 servers must not use slowhack or any other way harm players. It is good way to attract more people to your server!