CS GO aimbot

CS GO Aimbot

Undetectable aimbot features:
- Smooth aiming and does not shake
- No recoil mode
- Boxes on team mates and enemies (red & blue)
- CD hack mode (ESP)
- Enamies on 2D radar
- Crosshair on snipers
- No spread
- No fog, no smoke, no flash and other removal modes
- Whitelist (does not aim at people in white list)
This cheat is still undetected by anti-cheat (VAC). It is hard to notice hackers with human eye, so act wisely and not get caught.

Download Aimbot

How to use Aimbot on CS GO?

To use aimbot first of all you need to install hack that you have downloaded from link upper. It does not matters where to install the hack - it should work anyway. When installation is done, you can turn on your Counter Strike Global Offensive game and launch cheat executable .exe file. You should find on your desktop or in directory, where aimbot was installed. To toogle CS GO aimbot menu you just need click F2 button in-game.

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