sxe wallhack

SXE Hack

SXE Wallhack 2.0 features:
- Clear vision (no flashbang, no smoke, black/white/normal sky)
- Undetected wall mode.
- Blocks slowhack.
- Lambert.
- Custom crosshair.
- Radar mode.
- Block anti-wallhack plugins.
- Advanced wallhacking system.
- Perfect aiming mode.
- WH is not detectable for anti cheat.
- All layers transparency.
- Aimbot features.
- Crossed with SS WH features.
- Functionable menu.

Download SXE Wallhack 2.0

How to use SXE Wallhack?

In condition to launch SXE Wallhack 2.0 you need to download the cheat and run it with your windows program launcher. In some cases it requires to install additional components and install dialog appears automatically, so just click next until it's done. When SXE is fully compatible to run, enter your CS 1.6 game with launched SXE hack. Then just select server, toogle cheat menu using F5 and you are a cheater now! In some cases WH can not to work properly. Then try to download default cs 1.6 wallhack based on OpenGL hacking and do the same steps like launching SXE wallhack.