super simple wallhack

Super Simple Wallhack

Super Simple Wall V7.3 features:
- Clear vision (no flashbang, no smoke, black/white/normal sky)
- Undetected wall mode.
- Blocks slowhack.
- Lambert.
- Custom crosshair.
- Radar mode.
- Block anti-wallhack plugins.
SS Wallhack download is free for personal use. This is default cs 1.6 wallhack version and supports CS:CZ as well. If download link is down, please try to download wallhack from given link.

Download SS Wallhack 7.3

How to play with Super Simple Wall?

To enable Super Simple Wallhack (Wall) in game you need first run SSWv7.3.exe file and only then launch Counter Strike 1.6. When you are connected to a server you can control wallhack with F1 and F8.
F1: press 1 time, to activate simple no wall mode, press 2nd time to activate transparent walls mode. To disable wallhack tap F1 third time.
F8: single push to disable flashbang & smoke, double press to disable flash, smoke and sky. Triple tap will enable previous settings.