Steam Hack V16

Features of Steam Hack v16:
- Customable crosshair sizes and colours.
- Bunny Hop Key.
- Rusian Duck Key - LCTRL.
- Many settings and configurations.
- Remove flashbang and smoke grenade effects.
- Visible as steamed player for other players.
- Customable radar position and colours.
- ESP Box and Vector aimbot.
- PanicKey.
- CS 1.6 Wallhack.
- 3rd person view hack.
- Glowing models.
- Time and date display.
This cheat is compatible with all Counter Strike 1.6 Non-Steam patches. It is able to configure Steam Hack v16 in game using menu or out game by editing configurations.

Download Steam Hack V16
CS 1.6 Steam Hack V16

How to use Steam Hack V16?

Steam hack contains with one configuration file, two dll files and one exe file. To run cheat you need to download Steam Hack v16, then extract all files to your Counter Strike 1.6 game folder. In file named Custom Key List.txt you will find all custom keys for game to use hack functions. When everything is set launch your cs 1.6 game and then run Steam Hack V16.exe. Return to game and press the PanicKey - F12. Now cheat is running. For more help open info.txt.
Important! in some cases Steam Hack v16.exe file can request to install aditional components. Click ok and next till install will be done.