Raiz0 2016 Aimbot

This is pretty simlair to CS 1.6 Aimbot hack uploaded to this website earlier. Raiz0 2016 aimbot provides the latest features of aiming, like anti-ss and all the following:

Anti SS.
Fully undetectable for Valve Anti Cheat.
Knife bot.
Groundstrafe, Bunnyhop, Jumpbug ant Strafe Hack.
ESP and radar hack.

Download Raiz0 2016 Aimbot
Raiz0 2016 aimbot

How to use Raiz0 Aimbot?

Raiz0 controls with these keyboard buttons: T (toggle speed hack), F (jump bug on), N (teleport), L (rage aim and speed bot, with knife). To launch hack simply download it from the mirror and run .exe file. After that turn on your Counter-Strike 1.6 game.