Fighter FX 7.2

Fighter FX Hack features:

  • Fast nickname changer.
  • OpelGL hack.
  • Aimbot.
  • Wallhack.
  • Speedhack.
  • Multihack.
  • Custom settings vars (saveable and loadable).
  • Guns buy-bots.
  • Functionable zoom.
  • Radar hack - enemies location on radar.
  • Third person view.
  • No flash, remove sky, smokes and etc...

This CS 1.6 cheat is detectable by Valve Anti-Cheat system. Run this hack only if you are using Counter Strike 1.6 non steam, if you are steamed player download cracked CS 1.6 from our website - see downloads.

Download Fighter FX 7.2
Fighter FX 7.2

How to use Fighter FX 7.2?

After downloading Fighter FX 7.2 hack paste .exe file in you Counter Strike 1.6 game folder and run cheat. Sometimes error window may appear - close it and wait a few seconds until the Fighter FX cheat menu window will appear - click on "Play FFX". Launch your CS 1.6 and connect to server. Press "delete" to toggle hack menu and scroll it with your mouse. Left click mouse button to activate a cheat like wallhack or other. Good luck and don't get caught!