ECC 5.2 Hack

ECC 5.2 hack features:

  • Disable smoke or/and flash.
  • No recoild & no spread mode.
  • Enemies radar vision.
  • 3rd person view hack.
  • Bunnyhop script.
  • Spinhack.
  • Custom crosshairs.
  • Full ESP mode.
  • Speedhack menu.
  • Proxy module.
  • Antiban cheat.
  • Hitbox and Bone aiming.

ECC 5.2 hack includes speedhack, aimbot, wallhack and many other Counter Strike 1.6 cheats. It is the most downloadable cheat for CS 1.6. ECC 5.2 download is free and it's hard to detect it with anti-cheat, but it isn't fully undetectable and we do not recommend to use ECC hack if you are steam player.

Download ECC 5.2
ECC 5.2 download

How to use ECC 5.2?

To use ECC 5.2 you only need to download it and unzip the files anywhere in your computer. If you have already downloaded ECC hack run ecc_5.2.exe file. In some cases it could require to install it to your PC, but normally it should work without installation. After ECC 5.2 is running, launch CS 1.6 and connect to a server. To enable ECC 5.2 menu use INSTERT button. To toogle hack console press DELETE button.