CS 1.6 aimbot

Aimbot CS 1.6

Enchached Aim features:

  • Auto Aim & Shoot
  • Aim don't shake and don't stick
  • Remove recoil
  • ESP mode
  • Disable sky
  • Enable glowing models
  • Small wallhack
  • Lambert
  • Secured from SlowHack
  • Non detectible
  • Download CS 1.6 Aimbot for free.
Download Aimbot

How to use Aimbot?

To use enchached aimbot you need to install app that you have downloaded to your CS folder. After installation proccess launch your CS 1.6 game and run hack .exe file - it should appear on desktop or in cstrike folder after installing. Connect to a server and toogle aimbot menu with F3 button. GUI dialog window will appear with few options, like: no recoil and other configs. This cheat is fully undetected, that means it is safe to use it on steamed servers.