CD Hack 5.0

CD Hack 5.0 Download

CD Hack 5.0 for CS 1.6 is one of the most powerfull tools for cheating in Counter Strike 1.6. This is almost undetectable if used carefully. This cheat includes wallhack, aimbot, no sky, no flash, no smoke and other very useful features. Enjoy. CS 1.6 CD Hack features:

  • ESP line on target.
  • Enemies will be displayed in red boxes behind the walls.
  • Auto aiming.
  • Aimbot.
  • Accuracy fix.
  • Non detectable with anti-cheats.
  • Non detectable by spectators.
  • No flash.

If you are looking for cs 1.6 aimbot which is very simlair to cd hack, go back to cheats category or click link beside and download it. Compare to functions many of them coincides with Steam Hack v16. You can try both hacks and decide which is better one.

Download CD Hack

How to install & use CD Hack 5.0?

CD Hack is a part of ESP cheat, which contains with aimbot, wallhack and many other features included cd hack - the best aim for CS 1.6. So you need to download CD hack package and launch installation file. When dialog window appears - select your Counter Strike 1.6 game directory as install directory, then wait when it will be installed - approximately 1 minute. Then run ESP hack application - .exe file should be on desktop after installing, or check in your cstrike directory. Then run CS game and connect to server. To toogle ESP menu and activate CD Hack click F12.