Counter Strike 1.6

Release date: 2008
Version: V48
Protocol 48 (Non-Steam)
Filesize: 211MB

Original Counter-Strike 1.6 download

Counter Strike 1.6 (shorter definition CS 1.6) is so popular as non steam download version because it was developed when torrent file system gone worldwide and purchased game version lost its value. Anyway it's always recommended to purchase original steamed CS version than download non steam cs 1.6.

This is original non-steam Counter-Strike 1.6. No crack or CD key required for cs 1.6 download and installation and no surveys for downloading the file. Download instantly using torrent or other peer-to-peer software, or right away using browser. In case your internet is very slow - use CS 1.6 torrent download link, then it will be possible to pause and resume downloading when you turn off computer. Otherwise download cs from browser - it will take 5-15 minutes, depending on your internet download speed. Everyone must have this game on their PCs, unless there is strict control of piracy in your country. In this experience you should have enough money to buy Counter Strike 1.6 from steam or at least original CD. Either way just download cs 1.6 for free and frag those bots! We recommend to select one server from our free list, which is navigated in top.

Note: there are no computer, that cannot run the game due to low system parameters. But here are the system requirements for Counter Strike 1.6 to run without lag, approximately with 100 FPS:
Intel Core i3, at least 1.5GHz.
Windows 7, Windows 8 or 10 operating system.
DirectX 8.1 level Graphics Card.
Also internet connection, sound card, mouse and keyboard.

About CS 1.6

Published by on 2016-12-08

Counter Strike 1.6 is a FPS genre (first-person-shooter) PC game developed for Windows OS platform (unofficially available to play on Linux and MAC OS using Windows emulators). Game perfectly works on All Windows versions - XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Counter-Strike is developed by Valve Corporation and firstly defined as Half-Life mod. First version of Counter-Strike was published in 2000 and later game was remaked to standalone CS 1.6 and published by steam. Now CS 1.6 download is free on most of the websites. (Non Steam CS 1.6 storage can be treated as a piracy!)
Players assume the roles of given teams: counter-terrorists (CT) and terrorists (T), team game target depends on the map. There are three different types of maps by default: defuse (de_), hostage rescue (cs_) and save/assasinate the president (as_). Also there are many of custom maps prefixes like aim, surf, gg, deathmatch and others. To win the round teams have to complete their mission, or eliminate enemies team. Success depends on skills, equipment and team organization. There are many of weapons, tricks, and other stuff, that could be helpful. Each player individually must customize their arsenal of weapons and accessories, everything can be bought in shop, which appears in buy-zone (spawn).

CS 1.6 gameplay is primitive, like other FPS games. A player can choose between two sides: terrorists (T) and counter-terrorists (CT). Main target is to beat enemies team by eliminating them or get mission done - detonate the bomb, assasinate the target - for terrorists and defuse the bomb or rescue hostages for counter-terrorists. At the start of the round players are given a few seconds to prepare for battle (for equipment buying). To buy equipment only available on the buy zone - team spawn. Once round has ended survivors are keeping their equipment, and who were killed loses everything, but money. Money are given to each player at the round start. Team, which won the previous match gains more money, than loser team.

Latest CS 1.6 Downloads

Downloads are ordered by upload date

CS 1.6 2017

CS 1.6 2017 - the latest Counter-Strike unofficial this year release. Presents new textures, models, sounds, effects and many other small changes. CS 1.6 2017 has large maps pack and modern designed menu. Download it for free.


Raiz0 2016 Aimbot a lot of features, still undetected for Valve Anti Cheat and has protection from bans and also anti-ss addon, which doesn't let to take screenshots.

Steam Hack v16

Steam Hack v16 - very rich in functions software and almost undetectable for anti-cheats plugins.

Fighter FX 7.2

Fighter FX 7.2 - one of the most functionable and usable cheats in Counter Strike 1.6

Popular downloads

CS 1.5

Counter Strike 1.5

Not everyone knows, but Counter-Strike 1.6 born not instantly. Firstly the game was developed from Half-Life engine as modificiation. Nowdays it's also defined as HL Mod, because on purpose to play CS 1.6 it is required to have Half-Life core files. CS 1.5 was ahead to CS 1.6. Ignoring the fact, that Counter-Strike 1.6 is more modern than Counter Strike 1.5 it's still one of the most downloadable CS games. CS 1.5 was released years before CS 1.6 start - June 12, 2002. This version gained mod, retail updates and server-side release. So at this point Counter Strike became multiplayer first-person-shooter and it encouraged to release CS Standalone - CS 1.6, now available on steam. There is nothing exclusive in this version, only basic maps, optimal file size and fun gameplay.

Download CS 1.5
CS 1.6 WarZone

CS 1.6 WaRzOnE

WaRzOnE is full assembly original Counter Strike 1.6 client and has an optimal size. Package includes with Half-Life dedicated server files set, working original bots, and large quantity of servers in masterserver. Game was published by CS WaRzOnE community in 2013 and successfully attracted a big number of players. Patch runs on Engine build 4554 and which was clean ripper from Steam game cache files is compatible for dedicated server creation.

Download CS 1.6 WaRzOnE
CS 1.6 V48

CS 1.6 V48

Counter Strike 1.6 V48 was last official steam version release and it is fully ripped from game cache files - GCF. V48 includes HLDS dedicated server package without addons (amxmodx, metamod, dproto), suitable for creating default clan wars servers. Gameplay features were not modified, cs 1.6 version has received new original maps, interface images and better bots system.

Download CS 1.6 v48
CS 1.6 non steam

CS 1.6 Non Steam

All free CS 1.6 download sites are offering you a non steam game client. That means it is copied from original game version and does not has any original features, like play on steamed servers, have friends list or be ranked in worldwide ranking system. Also CS 1.6 Non Steam servers can be malicious, because they can harmful send files to your personal computer! All Counter Strike 1.6 download risks and features are listed above in download info tab. We recommend you to buy original Counter Strike 1.6 from steam shop or by contacting us!

Download CS 1.6 Non Steam
cs 1.6 windows 10

CS 1.6 Windows 10

Download CS 1.6 - the most playable FPS-genre game now for Windows 10 operating system. Compatibility problems were fully resolved and Valve released update for CS 1.6 on steam compatible with all Windows machines - 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. There is no information about other changes, bug fixes or piracy protection. Counter Strike 1.6 download is still available from all unofficial sites with non steam clients.

Download CS 1.6 Windows 10
Counter Strike 1.6 original

CS 1.6 original

CS 1.6 original is a default and not modified release of Counter Strike 1.6 (2000). This game was characterized as open source first person shooter game platform, because nowdays there are very much different releases, modifications and builds of original CS 1.6. And really, years to years this game changed a lot. But we still saved the same, old, but good CS 1.6 original! So what are you waiting for? Go and download this "father" of FPS world from our subpage.
   Our download has a new MasterServer, that means you only need to open Find Servers tab and connect to a server. If servers cannot be found please refresh the list, if list still not responding wait ~30 minutes, if still no results please contact our Counter Strike 1.6 download support, we will fix this problem. You can contact always if you need help, or your CS 1.6 download does not works correctly. Over and above this download is suitable for cs 1.6 cheats use. This compability raises patch ratings and downloads. If you here for cheating, please check our Counter Strike 1.6 cheats list.

Download CS 1.6 Original

XTCS download

XTCS or also known as Counter Strike 1.6 xtreme is a CS 1.6 game modification, with new maps, textures, sounds. Modules like gore (much blood and sadistic body parts injuries) gives more colours to the game and makes it look like new. Thanks to flexible game modification possibility Counter Strike 1.6 becomes immortal. So if you are looking for something new in this shooter game, you should try to download XTCS and play it. At first look it is very simlair to CS:S, but it's the old, good CS 1.6. For more information read article about XTCS in our feed.

Download XTCS
cs 1.6 with bots

CS 1.6 With Bots

CS 1.6 with bots bots is a singlepalyer feature to play without network connection agaist computer. The most popular bots are zbot cs 1.6. These bots are smart and load map fast. You don't need to wait hours while bots analyze the map. It only takes a few minutes. Usually command add bot - in cs 1.6 console creates one bot. To add more - repeat command few times. To download zbot for cs 1.6 you need to find it in downloads list and start your CS 1.6 bots download. When it is completed next step is to unpack all files ant paste them to your cstrike directory. That's it - bots now should work on your Counter Strike 1.6 game. In case if they are still not working we are suggesting you to download CS 1.6 with bots. This is our free CS 1.6 download with zbot included.

Download CS 1.6 With Bots